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  • Call us: +92 315 6704 786
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  • ADD US : Mahir.consultancy
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Strategic interventions and optimizations that elevate productivity, efficiency, and outcomes for heightened organizational performance.

Performance Enhancements

Nowaday’s ever-changing Industry constant performance improvement in the processes is the key to success as they open up new and exciting opportunities for a company. With our help in process improvements a company is provided a recommendation on meeting the market’s expectation and on achieving a sustained, year-on-year growth. To help you meet this challenge, we have assembled a growing number of highly skilled advisory professionals related to the industry who work in a proactive manner with you to ensure that you achieve your goal.

Our professionals with their up to date knowledge & global methodologies, assist you in making measurable and sustainable improvement in your business by focusing their services on:



We help you in achieving performance improvements in the increasingly pressurized finance functions. Our team will help you by providing insights and recommendations on sustainable performance improvement across the finance function including people, processes and systems, to support efficient alignment with organizational strategic objectives and operational requirements.

We help your Finance Function by:

  • Projected Cash Flows
  • Budgeting and Cash flows
  • Get You a lower Rate of Interest by negotiating with the Bank on your behalf
  • Making sure that company is complying with the Bank
  • Covenants and providing assurances in this regard
  • Training the finance function


Supply Chain

Nowadays Businesses that do not align its value chain in the industry is likely to end up in losses. We help in aligning the value chain

  • Providing you with Average Prices in the Industry for Raw Material / Finished Goods, Sourcing to assist you in finding the right buyer,
  • Procurement techniques to reduced warehousing cost,
  • Logistics,
  • Engineering,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Final assembly and
  • Product service and delivery.



Customer Satisfaction is integral for any businesses. Our team will assist you to build and deploy robust operating models to capture a leading share of value in competitive markets. Assistance in

  • Marketing,
  • Sales
  • Merchandising and
  • Customer Service Functions.
  • Advise on customer acquisition and retention strategies