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  • Call us: +92 315 6704 786
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  • ADD US : Mahir.consultancy
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Thorough assessment, proactive identification, and strategic mitigation of risks, ensuring a secure and resilient business environment.

Risk Analysis

We assist in the evaluation and mitigation of risk through an effective risk management processes to ensure that they are focused on the risks which matters.


What are the key risks and how are they being managed?

We help you to provide better protection for your business against risk and subsequent improvements in business performance and decision making.
Enterprise-wide Governance,


Risk and Compliance

We help you implementing the corporate governance structure as applicable in Pakistan and with our help, you will achieve a high functioning, integrated risk and control environment which will decrease complexity and cost whilst providing performance enhancements to make sure protection of Assets. Industry leaders are creating a competitive advantage through practical yet valuable improvements to the way risk is managed.


Internal Audit

We provide outsourced Internal Audit Services to all organizations. The advantage is that the head of internal auditor will be independent and objective in reporting to the Directors and CEOs. It is essential for all organizations to strike a balance between compliance and business improvement. Our internal audit team will appraise the performance of how your company’s internal audit functions compare with leading practices in Pakistan and the global. Our teams will Identify target areas for performance improvement and make recommendations
We provide the following Internal Audit Services:


Internal audit co-sourcing/outsourcing — we deploy our own team on the Clients premises and provide advice on the design and implementation of improvements to deal with deficiencies or gaps in processes and controls that have been identified as a result of an internal audit-monitor project or an internal audit risk assessment.

Internal audit transformation — our team trains your Internal Audit Department so as that it is able to provide better services to the management. We help you in achieving an efficient and effective internal audit department.


Internal Controls

We design, implement and monitor Internal Controls for all kinds of organizations. Our team of professionals assists you the Internal Controls efficiently and effectively thereby increasing Value for Money.

We Implement

  • Financial controls,
  • Strategic controls,
  • Operational controls
  • Compliance controls

We develop control manual and provide training workshops during this regard. We also assist in Internal controls and regulatory compliance so as to evaluate the operating effectiveness of internal controls over financial reporting, identifying control deficiencies and formulating appropriate action plans across the company.